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Another Pro Builder Fitness Personal Training Success Story: Tony Jones Jr signs with Notre Dame! : Chief Sweat Maker Andre Hudson's Thought's On Fitness
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Another Pro Builder Fitness Personal Training Success Story: Tony Jones Jr signs with Notre Dame!

by Andre Hudson on 05/03/17

National Signing Day at IMG Academy in Bradenton FL.
Notre Dames RB "Tony Jones Jr" out of St Pete FL

Congratulations to RB Tony Jones Jr, he signed with Notre Dame today! An official FIGHTING IRISH MAN! What an asset he will be to their school in both football and baseball. Although we love watching him play sports, Tony expressed that one his reasons for going with Notre Dame was because of their Academic Curriculum.

An amazing athlete and a protege of Pro Builder Fitness Inc. Tony is well prepared mentally and physically for the next level, I can assure you of that. Over the years he's been well groomed by a number of coaches, trainers and mentors, including a mother and father that leads the way. I'm very grateful to be included in that group, and I pray that The Lord blesses him to do well and that he remains healthy throughout his career. This is a blessing that was well planned and orchestrated by The Lord Jesus Christ before Tony scored his first touchdown in little league football and before the swing of his bat ever made contact with a baseball. Congrats again Jr, I pray that you never forget the love The Lord has shown you through his grace and mercy. I love you brother! TAP! TAP!
Today A Player, Tomorrow A Pro!

Coach Andre aka "Chief Sweat Maker

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