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 Preparing the body for basic training will demand the best from you - and then some!
Many people join the military with ZERO preparation, experiencing a major struggle both mentally and physically during their 8 weeks of Basic Training! Don't let that be you!

 I am here to help assist you with that transition and get you ready for those hard few months to come! I train you in Mental Toughness, Physical Endurance, Strength, Power and Focus. I get you up before the break of dawn and put you through military style training that will help you when you get to your Basic Training Base. Call me now to discuss how I can get your body and mind right BEFORE you go in!
My Military Pre-Basic Training Experience with Andre Hudson 
Testimonial by, A1C Clark, Angela
My name is Angela. I was 16 years old when I decided I wanted to join the Air Force and entered into their early admittance program. My date to leave for Basic was June 9th, 2016, 3 days after I graduated a year early from high school.

In March, 2016 I started training with Andre, 3 times a week. I needed to be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges I was about to face in Military Basic Training in the Texas heat, in the middle of summer. I was also mentally "soft" so I needed his help with "mental toughness".  I got up on training days at 5am, trained with Andre for an hour, then be to school by 7. It was so hard, I can't describe it, but it was the best thing I could have ever done to prepare!! 

I graduated from basic training at Lackland Air Force Base July 29th at 17 years old, in the top 10% of 850 trainees. Out of those 85 Honor students, I was the top graduate of the 17 women. I also won the coveted certificate "Thunderbolt Award For Excellence in Physical Fitness". I was the only woman who won that award and I owe it all to Andre!

I would have never made it through military basic training had it not been for my prep training. The physical part of basic training was literally a breeze for me because of it and I was a lot tougher mentally too. Thank you so much Andre! You helped me more than you will ever realize!

Thank you! Angela
Basic Training Preparation Training St Petersburg FL
I was so proud of myself on graduation day. This is me in front, 
a Guide-On leading my flight!
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April 2017, My CRI Team and I after our (for fun)  "Color Run" on base.
My C.R.I. (Combat Ready Intelligence) Team and I. Thank you Andre Hudson of Pro Builder Fitness for preparing me for where I am today! - Angela
Air Force Basic Training Preparation Trainer Florida